Greetings from Church of Peace!

Greetings from Church of Peace!

Ever heard of Jezebel? Come on Sunday and find out what fiendish plan the wicked queen concocted in our Bible story for this week. The sermon will focus on coveting. This service of song, prayer, and Scripture will begin at 8:45 a.m.

Today's *Greetings from Church of Peace comes to you on Wednesday because both pastors will be at the Wisconsin Conference of the United Church of Christ meeting on Thursday and Friday. Ray Beilke will also represent Church of Peace at the conference.

Construction news: Work continues on plumbing installation and kitchen upgrades. The winding stairwell from the narthex to the sanctuary is gone. Look for a new banner across the front of the steps which will not only show what we are building but also invite people to come into the future with us. Thanks to Badger Soft Water for the donation of a water cooler for Gammert Hall.

Next Monday's softball game will begin at 7:00 p.m. at Evans Field. We have a winning record so far this season!

Planning for the youth trip to the United Church of Christ National Youth Event in late July is coming splendidly. Flight tickets have been ordered and all registration is complete. Please continue to support our youth by buying Seroogy's candy bars and Haitian bracelets, both available in Gammert Hall.

That's the news from Church of Peace.

We'll see you in church! Pastors Jenny and Jim

A prayer for today: Thank you, God, for this day in which I can serve you as I enjoy your many blessings in my life. Open my eyes to the needs of others and my heart to the delights of your nearness. Amen.