Greetings from Church of Peace 06-02-16

Greetings from Church of Peace!

This Sunday's worship service will feature Holy Communion, soothing and uplifting songs, and a spirit-healing sermon. Join us at 8:45 a.m.

Please remember these people in your prayers: John Stepp as he is hospitalized and the family of Kathryn Pahl. Kathryn died earlier this week.

This Monday's softball game will be at 9:00 p.m. at South Cutler Field.

Construction news: Lots going on this week! In the kitchen, the plumbers are installing a new drain and grease trap. Outside, they are laying plumbing and electrical applications for the new addition. The front door area is also being worked on.

That's the news from Church of Peace.

We'll see you in church! Pastor Jenny and Jim

A prayer for today: God of the glorious sunshine, God of the refreshing rain, bless me with an awareness of your presence today. Help me to hear your voice leading me to wise choices and compassionate deeds. Fill my heart with your peace. I pray for all who struggle with illness and grief, especially John Stepp and the family of Kathryn Pahl. I pray in confident faith of your loving heart. Amen.