Welcome to the website of Church of Peace UCC in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Our congregation is a welcoming, diverse family of faith. Our worship services are inspirational and enjoyable, featuring a variety of musical styles, a message for the children, and sermons in a variety of formats that connect Christian faith with everyday life in the 21st century.

We offer creative educational and fellowship programs for people of all ages.  Our congregation takes seriously Christ’s call to community outreach by distributing food through our food pantry, providing rent and utility assistance for struggling families, and hosting the Loaves and Fishes program for Fond du Lac County. We partner with other UCC and ecumenically-minded churches to provide healthcare, education, food, and spiritual nurture for needy people around the world.


Church of Peace, formed in 1870 by German immigrants, is a historic downtown church that has sustained people of faith in Fond du Lac for nearly one hundred-and-fifty years. Our sanctuary is large and stately, providing an inspiring atmosphere for worship, complete with exquisite stained-glass and featuring the Christ window. Church of Peace is also fully alive in the present and our congregational life is varied and engaging. In addition to the traditional voices of classical organ and acoustic piano, many hymns and other music use the sounds of guitar, bass, and keyboards.  People are welcomed to worship together as a family of faith, whether dressed in their “Sunday best” or a clean pair of jeans and a sweater or polo shirt, long-time members and guests or newcomers and seekers.


Worship services at Church of Peace are family-friendly and we offer a vibrant Christian Education program for all ages. The church family is glad to support the many activities of our junior and senior high youth. Our congregation is blessed with a large building which we use to host a broad range of community organizations. Our main worship time is 8:45 a.m. on Sunday mornings. This is followed by a social hour and at 10:00, the children's education hour begins. Other occasional services are held and often scheduled on a seasonal basis.


The Church of Peace, UCC offers a $500 post-secondary education scholarship to full-time students who are members in good standing of the Church. Only (2) scholarships will be awarded to any student during their post-secondary academic career. (Seminarians are not included in this statement). Download the application form here.