Personal information


The main aim is to concentrate on the employer's requirements and his or her requests. You should tell employers what particular job you are going to apply for, not make them think about which job is right for you.

Personal information

The following is some personal information. Your name, address, date of birth, marital status, contact details (telephone number, e-mail address). If you are not sure whether you are ready to change jobs or not, just give your name. Some people indicate their social media profile. Be careful. Are you really ready for a potential employer to get so much personal information about you at the preliminary introduction stage?

Basic and additional education

List your principal education first (don't forget to include your start and finish dates) and then your continuing education. If the list of courses you have attended exceeds a page, it is advisable to leave the main ones. Remember that the optimal size of a CV is no more than 2 to 3 pages.

Work experience

In your CV, you should present your work experience in sequence (starting with your last job) and put it in an easy-to-read format. You should highlight each job in the text and dedicate a paragraph to it. This makes the text easier to read.

The description should include the job title and the period of employment. Disclose the main responsibilities. If necessary, give the number of subordinates (if you had one) and specific projects you were involved in. At the end, be sure to indicate the results achieved.

Key skills and competencies

In this section, we recommend specifying your key skills and competencies. Put them all together in one place to give a more comprehensive view of yourself and allow you to compare the scale of the tasks the position faces with the scope of skills required of the job seeker.

Additional information

Here you can tell a little more about yourself. List your hobbies, personality, skills (speaking, computer and driving), interests and other information not included in other sections of your resume to form a more complete picture.


Identify employees at companies you have worked for who can objectively assess your performance at the company. To avoid embarrassing yourself, make sure you tell them beforehand.

Length of resume

As a rule, a resumeget should not exceed two to three pages. A longer resume is difficult to digest, and short resumes where you have to read between the lines (unless it's a line employee position) will not be appreciated. It is a common mistake to include a job title and a minimal description of duties. The functions of employees in the same position can vary greatly from company to company.

We recommend that you revise your CV from time to time as each new job adds new skills and competencies to your experience. Each new job gives you a different perspective on your previous experience and achievements. In that case, you should adjust the description and the previous jobs.