The Most Beautiful Stone Crucifixes

Your Lent decorations are incomplete without the perfect stone crucifix. Whether it is for your nativity scene or to simply place on your mantelpiece, choosing a crucifix that blends in with the design of your home can be quite the task.

A stone crucifix is a true work of art and learning about the artisans that design and create them adds to the buying experience.

Before ordering a crucifix, you need to do your research about the craftsmen and artisans who made it. Among the most well-known artisans are the craftsmen in Medjugorje and the nuns of Bethlehem monastery.

The artisan’s nuns of the Bethlehem monastery are famous for the stone crucifixes they make. All the crucifixes made by these nuns are handmade and are among the most beautiful pieces of art you will ever come across.

If you want the most beautiful handmade stone crucifix, there is no place better than the Bethlehem monastery.

With a history of making the best handmade crucifix out of stone, the craftsmen in Medjugorje and the artisan’s nuns of the Bethleem monastery are among the most established crucifix makers.

Made from different types of stones and wood, these crucifixes are some of the most unique and exclusive articles you will find online.

Some of the best crucifixes you will find online are listed below:

Byzantine Crucifix

The Byzantine crucifix, which is made out of Pyrenean stone and can be found on the Holyart website. It is a beautifully crafted crucifix, made out of hand by the nuns of the Bethlehem Monastery in France, which depicts the Byzantine heritage and history. It is a beautiful piece that will take your decorations to the next level.

Christ Priest and Kind, White body on Green cross, Betheem

Christ Priest and Kind, white body on green cross, Betheem, is another one of the handmade masterpieces by the nuns of the Monastery of Bethlehem in France. The cross is green in color, with a white Jesus welcoming his followers with his arms open.

Medjugorje cross St Benedict medal

The Medjugorje cross St Benedict medal is a 23 cm cross made entirely of marble and has wood carvings on it. It is a fully handmade cross produced in Medjugorje. It is the perfect addition to your Christmas tree or your house as a whole. It comes with a hook for hanging a Saint Benedict medal on the back.

Stone cross with the face of Mary

The Stone cross with the face of Mary is a unique cross, different from all others. It is carved out of stone and has a shape different from other crosses. White in color with “Medjugorje” written on the crucifix has a very simple design that appeals to many people.

Marble cross Medjugorje

The Marble cross made by the craftsmen of Medjugorje is another simple handmade cross with a carving of Jesus. It is 14 cm in height and is the perfect piece for you if you’re looking for simplicity and beauty in the same place.

Cross in Medjugorje red stone

The Cross in Medjugorje red stone is another hand-crafted masterpiece produced by the craftsmen in Medjugorje. It is made up of red stone and has an ancient look that makes it stand out among others. It comes with a hook and can be hung easily.

These are some of the most beautiful stem crucifixes you can find online today.