Greetings from Church of Peace 11-05-15

Greetings from Church of Peace!

“Great is God’s Faithfulness” is the theme of Sunday’s service. We will each receive a gift to help strengthen our discipleship. Our Estimate of Giving Cards will be dedicated. Ray Beilke will be our Witnessing Steward. Join us for an inspiring time together, beginning at 8:45 a.m.

We extend our Christian sympathy to Kathryn Pahl on the death of her father, Lester Simon.

The beautiful falling leaves of autumn mean it’s time to rake! Please come to the church on Saturday morning between 8:00 – noon and help us spruce up our church yard. A well-cared for yard not only speaks of our pride in our church; it also sets a good example for the neighborhood.

That’s the news from Church of Peace.

We’ll see you in church! Pastors Jenny and Jim

A prayer for today: How faithful you are to me, O God, caring for me each day, leading me toward wholeness and hope. Thank you. I pray that my life will reflect my gratitude in every word and deed. Please bless Kathryn Pahl and her family with heavenly comfort. Amen.