Lenten Greetings from Church of Peace 03-18-15

Greetings from Church of Peace on this Lenten Wednesday!

The Candle of Repentance will be lit at tonight’s service as we continue our journey through Lent.  Speaking the truth in love will be our focus as Andy Griffith helps us relate the Scriptures to every day life.  The service will begin at 7:00 p.m.

Sunday we will look again to the prophet Jeremiah for inspiration on walking with God from day to day, reaping the blessings of wisdom and peace that only God can give. Worship begins at 8:45.

Thursday night’s Bible study will begin at 6:30 and will continue the study of the Gospel of Mark.  You will be warmly welcomed if you come to grow in faith and knowledge.

Jim Mitchell and Tim Puddy are both hospitalized.  Please remember them in prayer.

The Worship Enhancement Team will gather on Saturday morning at 9:00 in the Upper Room to finalize plans for Holy Week and Easter.

Sunday is the last day to order flowers for the Easter service.

Thinking about spring flowers in your garden?  Join us next Tuesday, March 24th, for an hour of gardening tips.  Golden Fellowship begins at 11:00 and continues through lunch.  It really helps if you sign up ahead of time on the coatroom bulletin board.

That’s the news from Church of Peace.

We’ll see you in church!  Pastors Jenny and Jim

A prayer for today: Today, O God, I pray for the strength to do the things I need to do, the eyes to notice your blessings all around me, the heart to truly care about others, and the peace that you are with me always.  Please shine your healing light upon Tim Puddy and Jim Mitchell.  I pray in Jesus’ name.  Amen.