Worship with Us

Of the two primary styles of congregational worship used today—traditional and contemporary—a blend of the two is the most “U.C.C.” and the worship style we use at Church of Peace.  Blended worship (using the best of traditional and contemporary worship elements) is not only an effective model for inspiration within the church family, it is a powerful demonstration of Christian inclusivity where the diversity of the body of Christ is acknowledged and celebrated.  (cf. Mk 10:13-16, I Cor. 12, and Eph. 4)

Given that a congregation’s worship life is the primary place where the church family encounters our Living God together, we have unique opportunities and responsibilities for planning this time.  Our goals are to help worshipers:

  • experience the love and good will of God, and
  • connect their faith with their everyday lives.

Since the worshiping community is a mixture of young and old, long-time members and newcomers, with a wide range of experiences, preferences, and aptitudes, we incorporate worship elements that reflect this diversity and enable us to engage and inspire the whole church family.