Greetings from Church of Peace 01-05-17

Greetings from Church of Peace!

This Sunday we will read the story of the Wise Men coming to see Jesus in Bethlehem. We’ll think together about the meaning of their visit and be inspired by their generous gifts. Little Landon Vogt will be baptized. Worship will begin at 8:45. Social hour will follow worship.

At the beginning of each calendar year, we hand out a “Bible verse of the year” to each worshipper. These will be distributed this Sunday.

Please bring your Reverse Advent Calendar box to worship with you Sunday. Someone will be at the door to meet you and take it from you or you can drive to the elevator door and a member of the Stewardship Ministry Team will take it from your car. If you did not participate in the Reverse Advent Calendar and would like to donate some food for the new food pantry, this is a good time to bring it.

Sunday School will resume as usual this Sunday. The children and teachers will meet at 10:00 in the sanctuary.

Barb Fuderer and Ken Thome have been hospitalized. Two people have died – Delores Pinkert and Rev. Rich Weikel. May God bring healing and comfort to all who are in pain or grief.

Construction news: They are putting the final touches on our new addition (wait until you see the beautiful stairway railing!) and we are ready to start moving in. The first step is to clean the dust off everything in Gammert Hall that will go into the new addition. Beginning Monday, January 9th, you are encouraged to stop in at the church with a dust rag and bucket and work on this project for a couple of hours. Saturday, January 14th will be moving day and we want everything to be clean and ready to move.

That’s the news from Church of Peace.

We’ll see you in church! Pastor Jenny

A prayer for today: Warm my day, O God, with your loving presence and your sparkling blessing of deep peace. Show me how to serve you with diligence and joy. Bless all who are sick or in grief today, especially Barb Fuderer, Ken Thome, and the families of Delores Pinkert and Rev. Rich Weikel. I pray remembering Jesus. Amen.