Greetings from Church of Peace 05/23/13

Greetings from Church of Peace!

Are you going away this weekend?  If so, perhaps this evening is a good time to try NEW Worship which is held Thursdays in Gammert Hall.  We’ll be gathering at 6:30 for a time of worship and community. 

Sunday morning we’ll come together at 8:45 a.m. for worship in the sanctuary. This is Trinity Sunday so our time together will be full of praise to God.  We expect to have lovely pictures on the screen to enhance our service. In keeping with Memorial Day, there will be a time of prayer for those who’ve suffered the wounds that war brings to the human body and spirit.

Church of Peace is participating in the Food for Freedom drive in Fond du Lac, a project with the goal of collecting the most food for charitable purposes in one place at one time.  Our food will be weighed on Sunday after worship, so please bring in your items before then. 

Two people from our church family are hospitalized.  Bev Schwersinske is a patient at Froedtert for a few days.  George Scott will be at Mayo’s in Minnesota for several weeks. If you want to send a card to George, his address is available in the church office.  Please pray for Bev and George to experience complete recovery after their procedures.  Please also pray for the family of Alvina Stahmann.  She died yesterday; Mrs. Stahmann’s husband Arthur died just two weeks ago. 

The Sunday School season has ended.  We are so grateful to our staff who helped our little ones grow in faith over the past few months.  Our worship is always family-friendly so we expect to see children in church all summer long.

June’s Messenger will be available in the narthex and on-line ( by noon tomorrow.

The church office will be closed on Monday.

That’s the news from Church of Peace!

We’ll see you in church!  Pastors Jenny and Jim

A prayer for today: Thank you, God, for the gentle touch of your hand upon my life today.  Slow me down enough to notice your presence and to feel your gift of peace.  Show me ways to share your love.  I pray that Bev Schwersinske and George Scott will experience your healing power in their lives and that the Stahmann family will know the comfort that only heaven can bring. Thank you, God.  Amen.