Greetings from Church of Peace 11/08/12

Greetings from Church of Peace!

God keeps promises.  God is utterly dependable.  On these truths our lives and faith depend.  What about us?  Do we keep our promises to God? Can God depend on us? Join us Sunday for our Consecration Sunday worship celebration.  The Rev. Dr. Gary Miller will preach.  The Youth Choir will sing.  Each of us will have an opportunity to recommit ourselves to the service of Christ. Worship will begin at 8:45 a.m. and will be followed by an enhanced social hour hosted by the Stewardship Ministry Team.

Tonight’s NEW worship service will begin at 6:30.  In a casual, conversational setting we will celebrate God’s presence and renew our commitment to discipleship.

Donna Trapp is a patient at St. Agnes Hospital.  Please hold Donna in prayer.

Next Tuesday Golden Fellowship will feature a European River Boat Tour, presented by Dianna and David Candlish.  Escape from the burdens of your daily life and let their slides and words carry you to the lovely lands across the sea.  We’ll begin at 11:00.  Lunch will be served.

Looking ahead:  Thanksgiving Eve’s worship service will feature Holy Communion, a story sermon, images on the big screen, and a delightful surprise from the Worship Enhancement Team.  Plan now to take time to express your gratefulness to our very generous God at 7:00 on Wednesday, November 21st.

That’s the news from Church of Peace.

We’ll see you in church!  Pastors Jenny and Jim

A prayer for today: O Divine Promise-Keeper, how grateful I am for your presence in my life.  Open my heart to your love, my mind to your wisdom, my soul to your peace.  As I go about my day, constantly remind me that I represent Christ to the world.  I pray that Donna Trapp will experience your healing power in her life.  Offering myself to you as your servant, I pray in Christ’s name.  Amen.